Duration 40 Hrs.


Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Accessing the Command Line Accessing the Command Line

Managing Files from the Command Line Specifying Files by Name Matching File Names with Shell Expansions

Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reading Manual Pages

Creating, Viewing, and Editing Text Files

Managing Local Users and Groups

Controlling Access to Files

Monitoring and Managing Linux Processes

Controlling Services and Daemons

Configuring and Securing SSH

Analyzing and Storing Logs

Managing Networking Describing Networking Concepts

Archiving and Transferring Files

Installing and Updating Software Packages

Accessing Linux File Systems

Analyzing Servers and Getting Support

Internationalization Improving Command-line Productivity

Scheduling Future Tasks

Tuning System Performance

Controlling Access to Files with ACLS Interpreting File ACLS

Managing SELinux Security

Managing Basic Storage

Managing Logical Volumes

Implementing Advanced Storage Features

Accessing Network-Attached Storage

Controlling the Boot Process

Managing Network Security

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Duration 32 Hrs.

Introducing Ansible

Deploying Ansible Building an Ansible Inventory

Implementing Playbooks

Managing Variables and Facts

Implementing Task Control

Deploying Files to Managed Hosts

Managing Large Projects

Simplifying Playbooks with Roles

Troubleshooting Ansible Troubleshooting Playbooks

Automating Linux Administration Tasks Managing Software and Subscriptions

Automation with Ansible

Duration: 48 Hrs.

Network Fundamentals

Network Access

IP Connectivity

IP Services

Security Fundamentals

Automation and Programmability

Duration 48 Hrs.

Layer 3 Technologies

VPN Technologies

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Services

Duration: 48 Hrs.


Analyse design principles of a WLAN deployment

Differentiate between on-premises and cloud infrastructure deployments

Explain the working principles of the Cisco SD-Access solution

Describe concepts of wired and wireless QoS

Differentiate hardware and software switching mechanisms


Configure and verify data path virtualization technologies

Describe network virtualization concepts



IP Services

Network Assurance


Describe REST API security

Configure and verify wireless security features

Describe the components of network security design


Duration 40 Hrs.

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

IAM Fundamentals

EC-2 Service

Elastic Load Balancer

AWS Auto Scaling



Database Service

Route 53

Introduction to Python

Python Data Types

Control Statements and Loops


Decorators and Generators

Object oriented Programming

Introduction to Errors

File input and output

Python Packages and Modules